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IntelliDox Docking Station Set Up

With the IntelliDoX instrument management system, simply place a detector in the docking module, and it automatically performs certain activities based on your specifications in the Fleet Manager II software. You can set each module to do a bump test, reconfigure the detector’s high and low alarm setpoints, and more. Also, use the software to analyze the data from each gas detector, run reports, track compliance, and even send email reminders to workers.

Thanks to the unique design of IntelliDoX, each docking module has its own LCD and keypad for independent operation, so when you gang multiple modules together, you can perform different activities for different detectors - all at the same time.


BW Solo - Single Gas Detector

BW Clip Series – Single Gas Detector

Coming Soon: BW Icon & Icon+ - Multi-Gas Detectors

GasAlert Max XT II – Multi-Gas Detector

GasAlertMicroClip Series – Multi-Gas Detector

BW Clip4 – Multi-Gas Detector

BW Ultra - Multi-Gas Detector

For a total solution check out our range of calibration gas bottles and accessories to suit.

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  • Industry-leading FastBump test that eliminates bottlenecks, while avoiding costly purge cycles that waste gas
  • Gangable up to five modules, each with its own LCD screen and keypad for independent operation
  • Easy to set up with no tools required
  • Easy to connect via Ethernet to a network
  • USB port to easily configure dock module settings or retrieve data without network access
  • Automated bump test and span calibration operation
  • Device management with Safety Suite Device Configurator
  • Modular nests for device changes
  • Bump testing, calibration, configuration, and record-keeping support for compatible detectors.
  • User updatable settings: Configure alarm settings, Display gas reading during alarm, Enable non-compliance indicator, Hibernate detector, Schedule bump test and calibration reminders, Transfer event logs, Time display preferences, & Update firmware


Technical Specifications


5.4 x 14.2 x 4.3 in (13.8 x 36.2 x 10.9 cm)(individual docking module)


4.2 lb (1.91 kg)

Power Supply

12 V / 8.33A ITE Power Supply

Real Time Clock

Provides time and date stamp

Communications Method

Two-way infrared communication between docking module and detector

Eternal Interface

1 USB port
1 Ethernet port

Menu Navigation
  • Adjust display settings
  • Adjust time and date
  • Configure gas inlets
  • Review IntelliDoX module
  • Password protected (if enabled)
  • Configure UI display language: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
Automatic Tests

Automatic bump test to verify sensor responds to target gas
Automatic bump test in 10 seconds for BW Clip / BW Clip Real Time with FastBump

Data Storage

2 GB internal


Independent pump in each IntelliDoX module

Flow Rate: 350 ml/min

Instrument Management System

Safety Suite Device Configurator or Fleet Manager II, version 4.5 or higher


EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EUFCC Part 15
ICES-003 Canadian EMI


Full two year warranty


Multi-Inlet Key

Part Number: DX-MI-KEY

Nest Replacements

Part Number: Contact for Part Numbers

AC Power Supply

Part Number: DX-PS-AU

Video Demo


Features at a Glance

How to set up one docking station

Menu Set up

Connecting the IntelliDoX via Network

Gang of 5 Set up

Wall Mounting

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