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MicroRAE Gas Detector


Enhanced user-friendliness and flexibility for wireless gas detection

the industry’s first wireless four-gas monitor that operates with all major wireless communications protocols — including Bluetooth™, Mesh, GPS, and Wi-Fi. The MicroRAE also can be paired with an intrinsically safe smart phone (available from Honeywell) to transmit gas readings over a cellular network.

“Extending wireless gas monitoring capabilities to include the broadest range of communications platforms in a single device will enable companies with wireless and non-wireless infrastructures to reap the benefits of real-time monitoring and remote safety management” said Praveen Sharma, product marketing manager for RAE Systems.

For those that already have a Wi-Fi or mesh network, MicroRAE will extend their capabilities by ensuring continuous wireless coverage; for example, when a worker goes beyond the network range or otherwise can’t connect to the network, the worker’s smart phone will continue sending gas monitoring data, location and Man Down status to the real-time monitoring software. And for customers that don’t have a wireless network, MicroRAE gives them a way to start experiencing the benefits of real-time, wireless gas monitoring without the cost and perceived complexity of setting up a network.

Real-time, wireless gas monitoring allows remote stakeholders to view critical information within seconds, from anywhere, so they can respond quickly and assuredly to mitigate or prevent safety incidents and process malfunctions.

Practical applications extend to carrying out a man-down rescue or plant egress with greater confidence and better outcome or identifying an equipment malfunction in its early stages so costly downtime can potentially be averted. Both the wireless and non-wireless versions of the detector are the first of many Honeywell Analytics products to feature Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE). BLE capabilities are enabled by apps on the intrinsically safe smartphone, the first of which is Honeywell’s Safety Communicator™, which pushes gas readings, location and other data from the detector to Honeywell’s ProRAE Guardia™ software

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Sensor Range

  • H₂S, 
  • CO, 
  • O₂, 
  • LEL, 
  • HCN.
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  • Honeywell ConneXt compatible with Mesh and Wi-Fi wireless configurations
  • Real-time gas concentration reading, location, alarm and status enabled by state of-the-art wireless technology
  • Bluetooth® low energy connection to a Smart Phone device for uplink data communication and device configuration
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • IP-67 water- and dust-resistant case
  • Strong, protective, concussion-proof design
  • Unmistakable five-way local and remote wireless notification of alarm conditions
  • Short bump test and calibration time
  • Filtered LEL sensor options to inhibit sensor poisoning
  • Global approval for worldwide acceptance


Technical Specifications


4.6" H x 3.0(2.6)3.0" W x 0.9” D. 117mmHx76(66)74mmWx24mmD


7.03 oz (206 g) including Li-ion battery and clip

  • LEL Catalytic bead for combustibles
  • Liquid Oxygen (O2)
  • Electrochemical Sensor for CO, H2S, HCN

Rechargeable Li-ion

Run Time
  • 15 hours continuous non-wireless
  • 11 hours continuous wireless

Note: All battery specifications at 68° F (20° C); lower temperatures and alarm conditions will affect runtime.

Display Graphic

Monochrome display 1.73" W x 1.29" H (44 mm x 33 mm) with 2 color back light modes


Two-button operation

Direct Readout

Real time reading of gas concentration and Man Down indicators Multiple units display options Wireless and GPS ON/OFF and reception quality STEL, TWA, peak, and minimum values IntelliFlash and policy enforcement indicators

  • Multi-tone 100dB buzzer (at 11.8"/ 30 cm, typical), vibration alarm, andflashing LEDs and on-screen indication of alarm conditions
  • Alarms: latching, non latching or manual override
  • Additional diagnostic alarm and display message for low battery
  • Wireless connectivity alarm
  • Man Down Alarm and real-time remote wireless notification
Data Logging
  • Continuous datalogging (6 month for 4 sensors at 1-minute intervals)
  • User-configurable datalogging intervals (from 1 to 3,600 seconds)
Communication & Data Download
  • Data download and instrument set-up and upgrades on PC via TravelCharger
  • Wireless data and status transmission via built-in RF modem (optional)
Wireless Network

RAE Dedicated Wireless Mesh network or Standard WiFi

Wireless Range (Typical)
  • Up to 650 ft (200m) for sub1GHz Mesh Radio3
  • Up to 330 ft (100m) for WiFi3
  • Up to 15ft(5m)forBLE

EMC directive: 2004/108/EC

IP Rating



Two-point calibration (manual, or automatic with AutoRAE2)

Safety Certifications

For all certifications, please review the manual or consult Encore Monitoring.


-4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C) for T4 temperature code


0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)


Stainless-steel alligator clip: wrist wrap (optional)


2-year warranty on device and sensors


ISM license free band. IEEE 802.15.4 Sub 1 GHzIEEE 802.11 bands b/g 2.4 GHz

Wireless Approvals

FCC Part15, CE R&TTE, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Others

Sensor Specs

Sensor Specifications

Gas Range Resolution
O2 0-30% vol 0.1% vol
LEL 0-100% LEL 1% LEL
CO 0-1,000ppm 0-250ppm/ 1ppm. 250-1,000ppm/3ppm
H2S 0-100ppm 0-50ppm/0.1ppm. 50-100ppm/1ppm
HCN 0-50ppm 0.2ppm


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Gang Charger

5 units
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Auxiliary Filter

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Hand Pump Kit

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Truck Mount Charger

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