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ProRAE Guardian Software

ProRAE Guardian Software

With ProRAE Guardian, you can create your own wireless gas, radiation, biometrics, and plume monitoring command center, and integrate real-time data and alarm status from multiple toxic gas and radiation monitors.. A single instance of ProRAE Guardian Host can integrate data from up to 500 RAE Systems monitors and select third-party devices. It combines data to create a single dynamic map display of the facility or incident site, in addition to displaying the status, alarm, and raw sensor data for each device. ProRAE Guardian can also share the data and the display with other remote instances of ProRAE Guardian software, so all decision makers have access to the same incident information in real time. Remote users can use web-browser on their laptops, smartphones, tablets or mobile devices to monitor real-time sensor data.

Continuous data-logging, an intuitive user interface, advanced security features, and remote alarming via email and text all help make ProRAE Guardian the industry leader for incident mapping and data integration. With the ProRAE Guardian SDK, developers and third-party manufacturers can build custom solutions to meet specific application needs and integrate real-time gas and radiation detection metadata from networked instruments. This information can allow organizations to extend their system's safety monitoring and process control capabilities, whether at a single site or in multiple remote locations.

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  • Features


  • Software turns PC or laptop into incident command center
  • Connects, integrates, and relays data from up to 500 monitors
  • Remote, real-time data monitoring through web-browsers
  • Creates single dynamic map display
  • Shows status, alarm status, and sensor reading of each device
  • Shows status, alarm status, and sensor reading of each device
  • Continuous data-logging 24/7
  • Remote alarm via email or text
  • Integrates with Google Maps and other map services
  • Intuitive, icon-driven user interface
  • Integrates with external applications and systems, such as SCADA
  • Integrates with select third-party devices

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