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Introducing the BW Solo

Posted on May 8th, 2019 by Brianna
BW Solo

BW Solosingle-gas detectionSolo

After looking at the BW Solo, you will notice that it has a small, lightweight profile making it workers’ comfortable and reliable companion in hazardous environments. It has a one-button operation system, even if you are wearing gloves it is easy to operate. Using this button, you can easily set configure set points, alarms, and many other parameters. Accessing measurements for short-term exposure limit, time-weighted average, and the highest concentration in the last 24 hours can all be viewed through the one button system as well. The easy-to-read display shows real-time gas reading in your choice of language.

This is the easiest single gas detector to service for a long life and a low cost. The 1-series sensor has a 5-year life and a 3-year warranty. It has a compact square design which makes it lighter, slimmer, and faster sensor response time. Even with the small size, the 1-series sensor consistently delivers accurate readings, withstanding temperatures from -40C to 60C plus other environmental factors. You can choose between CO, H2S, and O2 with more gas types coming soon in a 1-series sensor. If you are looking for any other type of gas, the Solo will feature a 4-series sensor in the following gases: SO2, H2, NH3, Cl2, No2, HCN, O3, ETO, PH3, NO, and ClO2. To change the sensor filter, it is an easy front door pop off and sensor filter change out procedure, no screwdriver needed.

Safety is a priority. To determine whether a detector is compliant, activate Honeywell’s patented IntelliFlash. The detector will either flash green or red which shows if the monitor has been bump tested and monitoring correctly or needs to be calibrated/serviced. When the BW Solo alarms, you will be able to see, hear, and feel the alarm. This ensures that you are aware of danger with red lights, vibrating, and audible alarms, even in the noisiest environments.

Save time and centralize data with an automated fleet management system. To optimize safety, compliance, and productivity use Honeywell BW Solo with IntelliDoX docking stations and the Honeywell SafetySuite Device Configurator software. The IntelliDoX performs automated testing, configuration, and record keeping. IntelliDoX is available as a single dock or a group of up to five. To read more about the IntelliDoX, check out the product’s page. With the Device Configurator, you can centralize your compliance monitoring. With this Windows-based software, you can view and export detector data, configure alarm set points, deploy firmware updates and more. So you can improve safety, compliance, and productivity.

For even more convenience, manage the detector from your smartphone. Honeywell BW Solo, as part of Honeywell’s Connected Worker portfolio, comes in a wireless version that creates great advantages for safety, compliance, and productivity. You can use the Device Configurator mobile app for setup, configuration and verifying test data for the BW Solo. Also, you are able to connect to a desktop software without a docking station via the wireless version using BLE. By ensuring your workers’ safety, you can monitor the units from anywhere using the Safety Communicator mobile app for real-time access to location and safety levels.

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