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Exciting News! Now Partnering with Accutron Instruments!

Posted on April 12th, 2019 by Brianna
Accutron Instruments

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Accutron Instruments. They are mine ventilation automation experts manufacturing premium industrial products. We are excited to be stocking and supporting their world-class products in our region. Read below to find out a little bit more!

Environmental Sensors

FlowTRAX is an Ultrasonic Airflow Monitor. This device provides accurate, real-time airflow monitoring. It provides highly accurate measurements for velocity, direction, and volume of air movement in demanding mining environments.

Use FlowTRAX as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control in underground mines. FlowTRAX gives you access to primary and auxiliary fan airflow as well as drift and tunnel airflow monitoring.

ClimaTRAX is a multi-variable environmental monitor. This device provides an affordable environmental monitor with temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, designed for harsh industrial environments.

Use ClimaTRAX™ to provide accurate and real-time measurements of your air quality. These measurements help you determine the efficiencies of automated processes in your ventilation control and energy management systems. They can be implemented in a variety of industrial and mining applications.

Communications & Control

COMMTRAX is a compact sensor protocol converter, Modbus RTU to TCP/IP. This compact protocol converter acts as a server, collecting data from MODBUS RTU devices and issuing it at a low bandwidth.

The Modbus TCP port can operate as both client and server (master and slave). In addition, COMMTRAX™ can use threshold rule templates to continuously monitor Modbus data and generate SNMP Traps upon sensing “alarm” conditions. As a Modbus to Modbus gateway, COMMTRAX™ can map multiple RTU devices to a single Modbus TCP server map.

I/O TRAX is a flexible and affordable solution designed to connect, monitor and control field-remote devices. The system allows a user to install remote field I/O devices without having to invest in any other controllers.

It is an affordable and practical system. This small modular device is easy to install to machinery or application components – saving time, troubleshooting, and excess field wiring. In addition, remote I/O allows you to expand your process control system beyond the local your PLC stations. Connect, monitor and control Gas, Temperature, Pressure, and Airflow Sensors.

Contact us today to see how you can add/integrate these products into your mine automation today!