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Accutron Pro

Accutron Pro

The Accutron Pro Series is the Future of Mine Ventilation Automation. Easily monitor airflow velocity, temperature, pressure, humidity, toxic gas concentrations & more. Connect any other Modbus RTU devices to the Accutron Pro. Convert data to a variety of protocols for simple network integration. By connecting the FlowTrax Pro, one would be able to measure the airflow rate in an underground mine. This would create an airflow measurement station where other fixed devices such as gas detection can be wired in to comply with mine safety regulations. The mine air quality station allows you to accurately and easily monitor the parameters you need to ensure your air quality is maintained. Fully customizable and modular, our engineers and technicians are happy to work with you to develop a custom solution to suit your needs.

Our team works closely with Mining and Industrial Electrics (MIE) and Accutron Instruments to curate custom solutions for underground mining applications. From mine ventilation to gas detection panels, we work together with our customers to ensure they comply with regulations and meet mine site requirements.

FlowTrax Pro Gen 1 offers both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP out. It also has standard 4-20 mA out, 2 dry contact relays, and can function as a Modbus RTU Master.

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  • Easily monitor a wide range of conditions
  • Convert data to a variety of protocols for simple network integration
  • The Accutron Pro combines the power of the FlowTRAX with the versatility of the CommTRAX all in one small package
  • Energy Savings
  • Increases Productivity
  • Designed for the user
  • Mine ventilation automation



Electrical Ratings

Interface: Terminal Boards, Power over Ethernet

Power In: 20-40 DVC, 48V IEEE 802.3af, Mode A&B Compatible

Communication Interface

Device Interface:

  • RS485 (x2)
  • Ethernet
  • Accutron Device Bus
  • 4-20mA outputs (x2)
  • Dry Contacts (x2)
  • WiFi


  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP, Ethernet I/P, SNMP
  • Airflow sensors, Temperature/humidity sensors, Display
  • Non-loop powered ((4 wire transmitter)
  • 50V AC/DC, 1A Max
  • Webserver, Access point

Enclosure: Non-corrosive IP66 NEMA 4X with lock hinges

Display: 128 x 128-pixel OELD Color, Display, Optional 256 x 64 pixel, single color display

Operating Temperature: - 40°C to +80°C,


4 GB Micro SD Included

Supports 2 to 32 Micro SD Card

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