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Searchzone Sonik App

Searchzone Sonik App

The new Searchzone Sonik App complements Honeywell’s established portfolio of gas detection devices, adding ultrasonic technology to a reliable mix of point and open-path gas detectors. The Searchzone Sonik delivers reliable gas leak detection, even in the noisiest environments, and reduces the cost of ownership.

This mobile app
running on a hazardous area Bluetooth device delivers remote access for set-up, interrogation, and maintenance from the ground - no need to work at height.

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  • Features
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  • Pair with the Searchzone Sonik device using a secure Bluetooth connection
  • View live readings from the gas detector
  • Check the status of the detector
  • Inhibit the output of the Searchzone Sonik device for maintenance tasks
  • Change the alarm threshold for Searchzone Sonik device
  • Change the behavior of the status indicator during normal operation
  • Enable post-event analysis to assess overall performance and allow security checks.


Supported instrument:

Searchzone Sonik gas leak detector

This app has been tested with Sonim-XP7 phones running Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or higher.

Other phones and tablets running Android 5.1 or higher may work, but Honeywell does not guarantee full functionality.