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Fixed Sensepoint XCL Gas Detector

Sensepoint XCL

Thanks to Honeywell’s use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, you can install, commission and maintain your Sensepoint XCL gas detector — all from the palm of your hand. Simply pair the detector with your smartphone; then use Honeywell’s Sensepoint XCL gas detector app to wirelessly perform many tasks — from adjusting set points to checking fault codes — from up to 10 meters away.

Everything you need for installation is in the box, organized for fast, convenient startup. Use our simple drilling templates and a standard toolkit for installation. And for initial calibration, all you need is our gas detector app on your smartphone and a cylinder of calibration gas — no need for walkie-talkie guidance with the control room. Use the app to create a profile for the detector, choose alarm set points, run test procedures and automatically generate a commissioning report, which you can send from your phone to other stakeholders or store for easy access in a safety inspection. No need for paperwork.

Sensepoint XCL's smartphone-based experience significantly reduces the time you spend on gas detector maintenance. For sensor replacement, simply remove one screw on the cover plate, and our app guides you on the rest. And when doing maintenance checks, our app puts diagnostic information at your fingertips.

You can also save valuable time with easy reporting on the smartphone app. Whether you need a maintenance report for a certain detector or a gas history for a safety audit, just select the right report on the app and send it to other parties — or store it for easy recall.

For a complete gas leak detection system, Sensepoint XCL has the perfect partner in Touchpoint Plus, a configurable, easy-to-use controller for up to sixteen channels of gas detection. Find out more about Touchpoint Plus Here

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Sensor Range

  • H₂S, 
  • CO, 
  • O₂, 
  • LEL, 
  • NH₃, 
  • NO₂, 
  • H2, 
  • CO2.
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  • Manage installation, commissioning and maintenance from the gas detector app on your smartphone
  • Aesthetic design blends in to the environment
  • Simple, robust housing with our easiest ever installation and maintenance
  • Integral gassing port for hard-to-reach locations
  • Compatible with Touchpoint Plus and other industry-standard controllers
  • mA loop or Modbus RTU output with optional relays
  • Multi-colour LED status indicator
  • Operating temperature −20 to 50°C, ingress protection IP65
  • Choice of toxic, oxygen or flammable sensors




113 x 113 x 59 mm



Casing Material

Polycarbonate (charcoal or white)

Ingress Protection Rating

IP65, Type 4 (in accordance with NEMA 250)


10 years (excludes sensor)

Nominal DC Input Voltage

24 V DC

Nominal AC Input Voltage

24 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Maximum Inrush Current

850 mA

Analog Output

0 to 20 mA

Digital Output

Modbus RTU

Relay Output

2 relays rated at 24 V DC/ 240 V AC, 5A

mA Versions

< 1.2 W (toxic), < 1.7 W (flammable and CO2)

Modbus Versions

< 0.7 W (toxic), < 1.2 W (flammable and CO2)

Relay Versions

Additional 0.6 W total


Pluggable rising clamp style, 0.5 to 1.5 mm2, 20 to 16 AWG.

Visual Indicator

Multi-colour LED light ring

  • Green: normal
  • Flashing red: Alarm
  • Flashing green and yellow: Warning
  • Flashing yellow: Fault
  • Solid yellow: Inhibited
  • Flashing blue: Bluetooth pairing in progress
  • Solid blue: Bluetooth connection established
Wireless Interface

Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy). Dedicated mobile app, enabling wireless configuration and maintenance. Connect up to 10 m away (mobile device dependent). Use a compatible smartphone or other mobile device running Android 4.3 or above.

Operating Temperature

−20 to 50°C

Storage Temperature

0 to 30°C


15 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Atmospheric Pressure

90 to 110 kPa

Sensor Specs

Sensor Specifications

Gas Formula
Combustible Gases (LEL) 0 to 100% LEL
O2 0 to 25% Vol.
CO 50 to 1,000 ppm
H2 1,000 ppm
H2S (Low Range) 10 to 50 ppm
H2S (High Range) 50 to 200 ppm
NO2 5 to 50 ppm
NH3 50 to 200 ppm
CO2 1,000 to 5,000 ppm


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Sensepoint XCL Calibration/Flow Adapter

Part Number: SPXCLCAL

No Image

Sensepoint XCL Duct Mount Kit

Part Number: SPXCLDMK

No Image

Sensepoint XCL Fixed Remote Gassing Post

Part Number: SPXCLRGP

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Sensepoint XCL M20 Gland Pack (10)

Part Number: SPXCLGLD

Video Demo

Sensepoint XCL - Bump Testing

Sensepoint XCL - Connecting to the Detector

Sensepoint XCL - Generating Reports

Sensepoint XCL - View detector logs

Sensepoint XCL - Change Alarm Settings

Sensepoint XCL - Change the Sensor

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