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The Honeywell OELD app allows you to use your smart device to configure and maintain the Honeywell OELD smart junction box, the Searchpoint Optima Plus point infrared gas detector and the Searchline Excel connected to it. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication, this app provides an intuitive interface that can be used for a wide variety of commissioning and maintenance tasks without having to physically connect to the gas detector.

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  • Features
  • Specifications


  • Pair with the OELD device using a secure Bluetooth connection
  • View live readings from the gas detector
  • Check the status of the detector
  • Inhibit the output of the Searchpoint Optima Plus and Searchline Excel for maintenance tasks
  • Perform calibrations on the Searchpoint Optima Plus and Searchline Excel
  • Change the alarm threshold for the OELD visual status indicator
  • Change the behavior of the status indicator during normal operation
  • Change the units of measurements and range of the OELD’s digital readout display


Supported instruments:

OELD used in conjunction with Searchpoint Optima Plus
OELD used in conjunction with Searchline Excel
OELD used in conjunction with generic sensing devices featuring industry-standard 4 to 20 mA outputs. Configuration is limited to settings of the OELD unit only and not the sensing device.


OELD app
has been tested with the following phones running Android 4.3 or higher:

• Sonim XP7
• Sonim XP7 IS
• ecom Smart EX®-01
• ecom Smart EX®-201

Other phones and tablets running Android OS 4.3 or higher may work, but are not supported and Honeywell does not guarantee full functionality.